Grant Cardone Scientology

Strange About Scientology

Grant Cardone Scientology claimed that the doctrine of Scientology defines implants as "thought insertion" with evil intent.  The term implant is also used in its doctrine to refer to the fictitious alien race Xenu. In the films, a Xenu abducts a woman's daughter and claims she was murdered by her second husband. Hubbard subsequently concedes, though, that she was alive. Additionally, Scientologists are subjected to auditing and are questioned about their personal lives.

Scientology is a peculiar religion. Its beliefs are almost sci-fi in their scope. Its leaders believe humans are eternal souls trapped in several bodies during their lives. The original Cause is predicated on the idea that they were initially "thetans" before being "stuck" in a physical cosmos. Due to their imprisonment, thetans lost their creative talents and memory of their origins and eventually landed up on earth.

What is so peculiar about Scientology? Its leaders believe that humans are spiritual beings who are immortal. While the church's officials are not strictly monitored, they possess an acute sense of image and marketing. They are constantly on the lookout for celebrities to join. They frequently enlist them using their famous status. And some of these individuals are even sexually abusive. The Church of the Order of Cosmic Consciousness has even gone to the extent of enslaving its own members.

Scientology is not as strange as it appears. Numerous members of the organization have reported to having been subjected to physical abuse at the hands of the group's head. Contrary to these assertions, it is a religious cult, not a religion. Furthermore, several members of the organization have claimed to be sexual harassment victims. Additionally, some have accused Miscavige of stalking and assaulting them.

Grant Cardone Scientology disclosed that in addition to propagating the belief in an ancient extraterrestrial civilization, the Scientology church promotes the concept of body thetans that hook on to humans and create trauma. These beings are referred to as "hostile entities" because they are antagonistic to humans. Body thetans, in turn, are responsible for inflicting pain on their victims. The Church of Cosmic Consciousness has declined to make any response on these allegations.

Members of the faith have a proclivity to believe it is a positive thing. Some members assert that the cult heals them, while others assert that it is a religion. It is, however, a way of life. It's brimming with strategies for surviving life. Its adherents agree that each problem has a core cause and that by altering their habits and behaviors, they can resolve them.

Although the religion began in 1954, it has always included contentious parts. Scientology's founder was a science fiction author, and the religion's origin narrative is based on an encounter with aliens. According to certain members, their children were even slain. According to reports, the founder's wife persuaded him to resign from the church. The leader of the church once confessed to his wife that he murdered their son. Occasionally, the cult will attempt to conceal these facts.

A fresh dispute has erupted following the suicide of an American student who attended a Scientology conference. He was suddenly cured of severe allergies, according to reports. This cult became problematic following his death, with the media quick to point out that he had been a Scientologist his whole life. His parents then expressed concern about his engagement and that of his family. Both men's parents were afraid that their son would join the faith, but they did not want him to be coerced into doing anything he would regret.

Grant Cardone Scientology pointed out that the religion's practices and beliefs are also disconcerting. The group's practices are not only criminal, but also invasive. Members have been forced to hand over their wallets and sign away their rights in some situations. In reality, some of this religion's tactics have been reported by the media and are considered hazardous. Furthermore, it has been related to a number of deaths.